PowerHour® Weekly Sales Academy Gives Industry Vendors/Suppliers A Leading Edge

PARK CITY, UT - Since 1988, myself and my PowerHour team have worked with the owners, leaders, executives, CEOs and presidents of leading sales companies who sell their products and services to property management companies. And we have felt that by working directly with these sales leaders, we knew that we would have the biggest impact of creating dynamic and long-lasting change within their sales companies. Our clients have utilized PowerHour’s sales guidance and coaching to make shifts that have enhanced the performance of their sales teams, improved the success of their sales and marketing plans, and helped them to make better hires throughout their sales organization. Our PowerHour coaching approach and methodologies have also given our clients a 17 point step-by-step blueprint to increase their focus on new business development and in many cases helped them position their sales companies to make expansion acquisitions or to sell their companies at a premium.

So at the request of our industry sales clients who sell products and services to property management companies, I would like to invite you to join our weekly PowerHour Sales Academy tailored for sales leaders who want to focus on GRACE [Grow Revenue & Control Expenses].  And for this sales academy to ultimately be successful for our members, it needs to be done in a weekly format.

Why weekly? I believe that much like a finely-honed kitchen knife, you want to keep sales skills sharp through weekly attention and consistent focus. If you don’t keep a knife sharp, it gets dull, rusty and doesn’t function at peak potential. In our 32,400+ hours of coaching sales leaders, I have seen the power and results from working with sales teams every week on a particular area of focus. Maybe the focus is how to handle a tough sales challenge, or learning more about a new industry sales competitor, or reviewing business development plans — whatever the focus is, it needs to be fully addressed, given timely focus, and then assigned specific action until the sales goal is accomplished.

Mirroring the success our industry sales clients have enjoyed over the years, as a member of our PowerHour Sales Academy you will receive a weekly audio sales newsletter with one particular topic related to GRACE. Each audio sales newsletter is very compact and will take about 15 minutes to listen to… covering a key point about GRACE, specific sales action steps to take, and recommendations for what’s needed for follow-up and follow-through.  For example, one week’s focus on GRACE may be the power of LinkedIn and its importance for your new business development focus.  It will explain…What does your LinkedIn profile look like? Which groups should you join to sell more of your industry products and services to property management companies? What should you do within these LinkedIn groups to raise your new business development visibility? How will you earn more sales commissions by making your LinkedIn group members further aware of your industry expertise?

After listening to the weekly audio sales newsletter, you will then join our PowerHour Sales Academy that meets every Tuesday at the same time of day, for our PowerHour “open mic” conference call platform.  This open mic platform allows you to interact with me and other sales leaders related to the GRACE sales topic of the week.  During weekly open mic discussions — sales questions are asked, examples are shared, sales tools and resources are created and academy members are able to delve into deeper levels of explanation about the GRACE sales topic for the week.

Keep in mind that as with all of our PowerHour sales programs, we never work with competing sales companies in a given city that sell the same products or services. Therefore, any company currently part of our PowerHour Sales Academy never has to worry about us permitting any of their industry sales competitors to become our clients — they’re simply not allowed to join the program.   We proudly provide exclusive access to our PowerHour Sales Academy to only one sales company per city.

As a follow-up to the weekly PowerHour open mic discussions, you will also receive industry sales articles, relevant and related sales checklists tied to GRACE, suggested webcasts related to the GRACE sales topic of the week, and encouragement to add a post to one of 106+ Industry Knowledge discussions in our 19 LinkedIn groups.

Why PowerHour?
In all of the PowerHour Sales Academy programs, our industry vendor and supplier sales clients capitalize on our 26 years of experience working with more than 2,000 companies in 11 time zones around the world. Our sales clients also draw on our expertise for building SmartMatch Alliances, wherein they learn (among other things) a no-nonsense process for maximizing business development and alliance results. Because we so believe in the importance of alliances, all academy members are sent a complimentary copy of our SmartMatch Alliances book .  Plus, as an academy member, you will complete a complimentary sales assessment that will generate a 23-page report outlining your specific sales and leadership strengths, weaknesses and steps for sales improvement.

The purpose of our PowerHour Sales Academy is to help you succeed by giving you strategic sales advantages focused on GRACE.  When we meet on Tuesdays for our PowerHour open mic discussions, you will learn from not only what I have to share, but also from great ideas offered by other industry sales members. For instance, someone in Vancouver might share what they’ve gained from LinkedIn, and then someone from San Diego will tell their experiences, then someone in London will add their sales success stories. What results is a collective synergy of ‘sales best practices’ focused on GRACE — whether it’s the power-use of LinkedIn, sales strategies for getting more appointments with property management decision-makers, sales best-practices for the selection of new sales team members, guidance on how to leverage your sales and marketing E-newsletters, which industry conferences to attend, sales coaching for developing strategic alliances — the list goes on and on. All of these topics (and more) — will relate to the powerful learning provided to our academy sales members on a weekly basis.  

Let me leave you with a motivating “Tip From The Coach:” Remember, success is not a matter of luck, an accident of birth or a reward of chance. Success is a matter of decision, commitment, planning, preparation and execution. Success doesn’t come to you; you go to it!

Ernest Oriente can be reached by E-mail at ernest@powerhour.com or by calling 435.615.8486 or by searching for him on LinkedIn where he and his team own and moderate 19 LinkedIn groups with 100,000+ industry leaders. His website is www.PowerHour.com