Avant Releases Multifamily Loan Calculator

NEW YORK, NY - Avant Capital Partners, a leading NYC based commercial mortgage banking firm, has developed a web-based utility, the Multifamily Quick Loan Sizer, to assist clients in analyzing multifamily loans. The model replicates basic underwriting principles, allowing multifamily investors, property managers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents to quickly and efficiently determine the feasibility of a specific multifamily loan scenario.

The Multifamily Quick Loan Sizer assists multifamily investors in determining the viability of available apartment financing, including FNMA multifamily loans. The underwriting guidelines for multifamily financing have evolved throughout the current credit crisis. According to Adam Luysterborghs, Managing Principal of Avant Capital Partners, "the Loan Sizer if very helpful to make an initial assessment of financing viability. Once you know the property is financeable, a deeper, more thorough review is warranted."

The module will be initially distributed to Avant Capital's client base to streamline the loan submission process, allowing for faster response times and more effective communication with clients and borrowers. The tool is also being circulated to major industry publications for distribution and Avant Capital will explore co-branding the tool with a select number of publications. The web-based version of the tool can be found here: www.avcapital.net

"Multifamily financing is not just about FNMA, even in this crisis, so investors and sales brokers who are relying upon that single source of liquidity will be at a relative disadvantage in the marketplace," says Luysterborghs. He points out that Avant Capital Partners represents a broad range of institutional investors and is capable of providing financing for stabilized and in-transition assets. Properties in transition are typically financed through their bridge loan programs.

As credit conditions remain tight and underwriting criteria continue to become more conservative, Avant Capital believes that it is important for both clients and analysts to understand the viability of specific loan requests in the context of the current commercial lending environment.

Avant Capital Partners is a direct lender and correspondent for several institutional investors and investment banks. The company provides commercial mortgages for stabilized and in-transition investment properties nationwide. They offer permanent financing solutions for stabilized assets and bridge or interim loans for properties that are in-transition. Their capital partners rely upon Avant Capital to take each transaction from preliminary underwriting through to closing to provide a seamless execution and positive experience for borrowers. Avant Capital Partners originates commercial mortgages nationwide for multifamily, commercial and bridge loan transactions.