About MultifamilyBiz.com

The Ultimate Multifamily Platform Has Arrived

MultifamilyBiz.com is the Next Generation Internet Platform for the Multifamily Industry and is the place to be for everything touching multifamily housing. MultifamilyBiz.com covers the entire spectrum of multifamily housing, including market-rate, affordable, student and senior housing, in both the rental and for sale markets. From the latest industry news, member posted press releases, to its robust vendor directories, MultifamilyBiz.com is dedicated to providing a suite of focused, leading-edge, online tools and resources designed to maximize and accelerate commercial activities in the multifamily marketplace.

Multifamily Industry Focused

The vision of the MultifamilyBiz.com is to build an arena where its members play an active part in the evolution of the site through building and creating content, posting press releases, sponsoring webcast, uploading video and designing new resources and tools. To effectuate that vision, MultifamilyBiz.com is designed to drive multifamily businesses and technology into a focused marketplace to maximize efficiency and creativity across the multifamily industry.

Powerful Interactive Platform

MultifamilyBiz.com is a powerful interactive and dynamic hub that has emerged as one of the largest websites of its kind in the multifamily housing industry. It drives multifamily enterprises, personnel, assets and technology into a focused community and marketplace. MultifamilyBiz.com has created the ultimate platform for businesses and communities to share their products and services directly with the multifamily housing industry.

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