Padfinders - DC Apartment Finder

Company Profile

When you hear our name, you’re curious. We sound unconventional because our service truly is. Padfinders finally offers relief to apartment seekers by providing a personalized locating service that is 100% free. We have taken the stress out of moving by streamlining the process from start to finish – offering renters apartment deals, government discounts, moving rebates, co-signers and even deposit loans. And the “wildest” part of all? We actually pay YOU to rent for leasing at a property we’ve recommended.

If you’ve ever spent exhausting hours sifting through Craigslist and other rental listing sites, then you realize how invaluable a service like this is. Ready to say goodbye to searching? Contact us now – we are open late and on the weekends. Your knowledgeable “rental concierge” will be there to answer questions as well as match you with rentals you’ve been hoping to find. Appointment tours are arranged to accommodate your schedule, and you’ll be accompanied by leasing staff prepared to meet your specific needs. You know the moving process doesn’t end once you’ve signed your lease – good thing your personal agent’s service doesn’t stop there either. Providing info on schools, transportation, and even potential roommates is just another way Rentals Gone Wild says “Welcome Home.”