Barrington Group, Inc.

Company Profile

The Barrington Group has a 30+ year history of excelling with multi-family properties.

BGI began with acquiring and managing its own portfolio of properties, demonstrating its expertise such that distressed owners and lenders sought them out to stabilize third party troubled properties.

BGI then moved on to larger troubled properties where construction supervision and completion was the key to success. As its portfolio aged and new apartment construction overbuilding took place in the 1980′s, BGI reinvested in its own properties through extensive capital improvement and upgrading programs, then, in the 1990′s, undertook multiple “gut and rehab” redevelopment opportunities where existing vacant, boarded-up properties were acquired, stripped to the walls and/or foundations, rebuilt and repositioned as stable and competitive operating assets.

Today, through development entities, BGI’s principals are taking their accumulated experience in management, positioning and leasing up new and redeveloped product, and construction supervision and applying it to guiding the development of new multi-family properties with qualified, expert construction professionals and builders.

The Barrington Group, Inc., has its principal corporate offices in Sarasota, Florida with regional corporate offices in Columbus, Ohio.